Amplify your income,
Accelerate your freedom date

We help investors to integrate our Amplifier Strategies® into their pursuit of financial freedom - through training, technology, and 1-on-1 coaching.

Amplify your income, Accelerate your freedom date
What’s the problem

What’s the problem?

Many investors chase yield, a scattershot search for the assets that’ll help them get ahead.

Giving them a fragmented portfolio with risky, siloed assets, and plenty of unanswered questions.

They find out too late their portfolio failed to break even. It didn’t grow past the inflationary forces eroding their wealth.

How we help

We’re all about increasing your purchasing power

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Amplified Returns you can create
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Breakeven Returns needed to maintain purchasing power

Typical Linear Returns measured in nominal dollars

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Many investors try to beat the breakeven return rate with risky investing behaviors like chasing yield or speculating with volatile assets. You don’t have to do that.

What we offer

Discover the Amplified Approach
to building wealth

Increase purchasing power through the Fynanc Amplifier Platform

Lifestyle Amplifier Strategy

Lifestyle Amplifier Strategy

Turn everyday financial
transactions into future wealth

Income Amplifier Strategy

Income Amplifier

Turn every dollar into multiple
dollars to increase income faster

Growth Amplifier Strategy

Growth Amplifier

Turn appreciating assets into
a lifestyle of income

How it works

What does it mean to amplify your portfolio?

It means increasing the volume and yield of assets under your personal management by integrating habits, tactics, and a banking mindset — designed to multiply the flow and growth of money in your life.


How every dollar is used, recaptured, and redeployed for optimized flow


How your portfolio is managed, to make things easy to maintain


How your income increases, to reach your freedom date faster

Amplified Approach

What makes us different?

Enduring Strategies modernized for this era

Enduring Strategies modernized for this era

Unique strategies that stand the test of time and are newly available to investors



Proprietary artificial intelligence is the core of our tech platform

Done-With-You Model

Done-With-You Model

Informed by us, controlled by you



300+ member community sharing and testing ideas

Academy Access

Academy Access

Extensive video library increases your personal investing ability

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Brian Elliot

Brian Elliot

Entrepreneur and real estate investor
“Thanks to the Fynanc training I’ve taken, I have put my family’s financial future on an entirely new and exciting path. The tools I’ve gotten are fun to learn and incredibly powerful to implement. I’m deeply grateful to be a part of this program and community.”

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Rise above wealth erosion