Discovering The Path to Financial Freedom

Jordan Cooper
January 20, 2023

Discovering the path to financial freedom

Jordan Cooper shares his personal journey from disillusionment to financial freedom with the Income Amplifier program under the guidance of George Antone.

Scammed and lied to

Have you ever experienced a sick taste in your mouth and uneasy settling of your stomach when discovering something you firmly believed in is a lie?  You want to vomit, hide in a corner, and beat yourself up (literally) for not realizing the truth sooner. You realize that you have been scammed and lied to by everyone you trusted. 

I experienced that sick feeling back in September 2018. I was sitting in a Fynanc educational course listening to this crazy guy talking about how I was not making money but, worse than that, I was actually moving backward financially.

The traditional investing approach

My whole life, I’ve been taught to work hard, save money, and invest for retirement to reach financial freedom. Now this man teaching, named George Antone, was telling me everything I had been taught about how money works was wrong.  I quickly realized that the whole financial system was working against me, and it was up to me to change this for myself.

I decided that night, after shaking off the filth of the lies I had been told, that I could either continue down the same path or do something about it. I had a mind shift that day, and it changed my life forever. 

Escaping my false financial reality

Even though many of the people in my life had my best interest at heart, I was not going to continue to listen to all the so-called ‘financial professionals’ as they, too, were living in a false reality.  I stopped listening to my parent’s financial advice, even though I knew they wanted the best for me. However, they, too, had been taught the same lies. I could see all the teachers, professionals, social media “experts,” and gurus held on to the same misconceptions that George exposed without knowing it. 

No amount of savings, investments, or additional work was going to help unless I won the lottery. But fortunately, hearing the truth that day in 2018 made me feel like I had won the lottery.  I had been given the gift of enlightenment to reach financial freedom.  A gift that would change not only my financial future but my family’s and many generations to come.

The Fynanc Amplified Approach

I had been given the gift of enlightenment to reach financial freedom.  A gift that would change not only my financial future but my family’s and many generations to come. 

The financial freedom mind-shift

What I learned from Fynanc helped me to shift my mindset to a different way of thinking.  I have a strategic and straightforward path to reach financial freedom using the tools and resources available through the Amplified Approach. As a result, I don’t have to work harder or take risks when investing.  The Fynanc team opened the door to my financial freedom and helped me create and build wealth.

The realization of financial freedom

The morning after my gut-wrenching realization that I had been living a financial lie, I felt light, refreshed, curious, and eager to learn more. 

Change is hard. However, change is a MUST if you want to reach your financial goals faster, safer, and with more certainty than traditional investing.

Since that day, I have been on a continuous mission and journey to learn, implement, and help others to realize the truth and find the path to financial freedom themselves.

The Fynanc Coaching Approach

Having experienced the sinking feeling of realizing the truth behind the financial system and course-correcting for a better future, I was determined to save others from the horrible fate that could have awaited me at retirement. I, therefore, decided to become a Fynanc Coach and now have the privilege of seeing others’ lives transformed by the Amplified Approach.


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